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Xm radio not updating

A: After months of system inactivity, your XM receiver XM WX weather data service may need an "Activation Refresh" to restore operation.

The Refresh signal, sent over the XM satellite system, will re-activate the receiver and restore operation of the XM WX receiver assuming your account is in good standing.

They said there isn't any action to take on our end. When I called SXM they said it was a problem with Subaru’s and they were working to fix it.

I asked when I would know it's fixed and they said it would just start showing.. They did reimburse me the month I’ve been without service and guaranteed they would continue to do so.

Verify proper installation by checking Heads Up installation manuals.

A: Possibly, however check the 'ant in' port of the XM receiver for a correct voltage reading of approx 5 Volts. The XMD075-01 provides interface for USB or RS42 connections, while the XMD076-01 provides interface for RS232.

You are still able to listen by using the knob to tune or directly tuning to the channel of your choice. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are aware of the issue and working on a fix.

I’m only able to listen to the 15 or so stations I had pre-set on my radio. I had same problem (not listing stations) on my 2017 Forester. I will give a couple of days then I am cancelling it. Refreshing the signal, updating radio firmware, and replacing the radio will NOT fix this issue. Please read this forms before you report AS THIS IS NOW A KNOWN ISSUE..

I am also having the same issue with my 2015 Outback.

Called SXM and they said they could not do anything about it. If this many people are having the same problem, either SXM or Subaru better be doing something about it!!

Comant Industries manufactures this antenna (p/n CI420-1). A: When performing an on-line 'refresh' at the Sirius XM website, you should receive an 'activation successful' response after submitting the refresh request.

If you receive an 'unsuccessful' response, there may be other problems with the account. A: RG-400/U coaxial cable is recommended, with a SMA plug on each end.

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Contact Heads Up customer service if issues persist. A: Verify that the power wiring to your radio is correct. If the problem continues, contact Heads Up at for additional assistance.