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Wow stuck on updating setup files

When Outlook closes, Carbonite will have the direct ability to back up the file and this will resolve the seemingly stuck backup problem with the large file.

Windows only allows Carbonite to select file locations which are 255 characters or less.

The problem is, the VB6 setup does not allow you to continue with the installation if you untick the “Update Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java” checkbox as it grays out the Next button.

The solution is to trick the VB6 setup into thinking that the Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java already exists on the system so the installer automatically skips this step. DLL exists in the System32 folder for 32-bit operating systems or in Sys WOW64 for 64-bit operating systems. DLL fake file and place it in either System32 or Sys WOW64 depending on the Windows architecture but this doesn’t work in Windows 10.

After you deselect the problematic files or folders within the App Data folder, Carbonite will remove the files and folders from the backup within 72 hours and hopefully resolve the stuck backup.

Scan and Remove Viruses Malware and viruses may interfere with Carbonite’s ability to back up your files.

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Visual Basic 6 (VB6) was one of the easiest programming languages to learn back in the day. Even though VB6 is outdated, the programs created and compiled with VB6 can still work with the latest Windows operating systems which is why you can still find people attempting to install VB6 on Windows 10.

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