Who is lafee dating

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Who is lafee dating

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Edit: FTR both my BF and myself are very healthy and active, I'm just much less strict about this than he is.Just calmly restate that you are in charge of what goes in your body. You know, if you had a serious habit of over eating or something I could see him encouraging you to eat better...But throwing a tantrum over you having one burger and straight up leaving restaraunts is not being a health nut, it sounds more like some kind of illness.If he tries to stop you or gets upset, calmly remind him that you're an adult and that you make your own choices.If he cries or freaks out, don't get sucked in. I know you've said you're not willing to end it over this, but this behavior is really not okay and you should take it seriously.

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He told me I betrayed his trust and was literally in tears until I managed to calm him down. He's treating my first trip to Mc Donalds in 18 months like it's infidelity.