Who is john frusciante dating now

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She married filmmaker Luc Besson at 22, then separated from him and is now divorced.She has landed fashion and beauty contracts with L'Oreal, Donna Karan, and Prada and gazed out from the covers of countless style bibles.

I used to always say, "How come all these girls get free clothes and I don't get anything? TALK: Have you ever thought about giving up the whole modeling thing and going the Isabella Rosselini or Nastassja Kinski route?

Original guitarist Hillel Slovak died of a heroin overdose in 1988.

Frusciante, then an eighteen-year-old Peppers fan, joined the band for 1989’s He quit abruptly in 1992; Arik Marshall filled in for that summer’s Lollapalooza tour (he now plays in Macy Gray’s band).

experience: “When John gets excited, he’s like 8 billion volts of electricity.

He was knocking things over – it was absolutely chaotic, like a little kid trying to set up a Christmas tree. Frusciante excuses himself early; he’s working on his third solo record, and he’s finding it hard to carry on a conversation when all he can think about is the mastering process.

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