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In i Hire An Idiot, he reveals a bet he made with his grandfather that if he couldn't get one of his sculptures in a museum in three years, he had to go back to law school.

In i Won't Cancel The Show, Spencer talks to his father on the phone and tells him that law school is going great, revealing that he still has not told him that he dropped out.

In i Look Alike, Spencer would not let Carly attend the MMA fight, because he said he's seen those fights get really rough and that it's not a place for kids, which is very true.

He also said Carly was grounded for two weeks because she snuck out to see the fight.

Jerry graduated from the University of San Diego High School, which is now known as Cathedral Catholic High School, and Jerry's mother teaches both pre-calculus and calculus there.In i Do and i Got a Hot Room, an item of clothing falls off Spencer when he is in shock (his bow tie and his pants).This is funny because in real life, these things wouldn't just fall down.Spencer attended Ridgeway Middle School and also attended Seattle Law School for three days but quit to become an artist.Although he may have quit law school after only for seventy-two hours, he still possesses some legal knowledge as shown in i Promote Techfoots and i Owe You. He never told his dad that he dropped out, as revealed in i Space Out.

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In i Start a Fanwar, it was confirmed that Spencer could sing very well. S Aruthor" battle, there was a "sing-off" (dissing) scene between Aspartamay and Aruthor.

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