Who is dating shakira now

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Who is dating shakira now

Colombian singer Shakira, who sang the official song of the 2010 World Cup 'Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)', is literally bitten by football bug.

She has finally confirmed that she is dating Spanish FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique.

Certainly you understand that increasing taxation on the wealthy and corporations certainly won't help.

Certainly you understand that decreased taxation on the wealthy and corporations certainly hasn't helped, and in fact hurt. If not, here's a mirror, look over your shoulder at the Bush administration. Until the i Pad 2 comes out in the US and I CANT WAIT.

The name of this piece is called "The Usual Scum" and it was drawn by the very talented Otis Frampton ( for me so it's not available for download in it's full size, an amazing 4200x2914.

Thanks I'm simply stating the point that I don't understand how people can keep debating this "issue" when there are CLEARLY more important things to talk about.

I think because Apple is so successful they get picked on by the media and other Company's seem to get a free pass. And just because I have "newbie" next to my name doesn't mean I don't know how forums work buddy. No, but I think the word 'me' does have negative connotations such as narcissism and self centeredness. The last word I want someone to associate with my name is 'me'.

Actually, this is crazy, because I live in Canada -_- I just cant wait for the flood of i Pad 2 reviews / videos and apps that begin to show up in the app store!

AHH THIS DRIVING ME CRAZAYYYHow about keeping on topic. Start a thread elsewhere if you want to discuss it.

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The Mac support for Notes would be good as that might open up a possibility my current employer's IT department might allow MBP for a company-issued notebook. Now that Notes will become more Mac friendly, the only other obstacle would be using AS400 database via Ramba. If it isn't then it doesn't need to be made public.should have searched first! And, raise taxes so our spending is less than our revenues and we can start paying off the debts Reagan, Bush and Bush left our grandchildren. Your disgusting attack on all conservatives wanting to '****' over all citizens is just that... I don't have much income that isn't taxed, why should they?

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