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What to know about consolidating student loans

In Income-driven repayment plan, you will start off making lower monthly payments, which will increase gradually over a period of time.Default is a major concern for the borrowers who are unable to make their monthly payments as the repercussions of the same are extremely harmful.But there is a limit to how long you can defer your student loan payments which is typically 3 years.So, if you have already used all of your deferment /forbearance time, then consolidating your student loan will reset the clock and provide you with the option of placing your new consolidation loan into deferment /forbearance.Consolidation can help you a lot if you have different student loans from various lenders with different due dates of payment.

It’s better to start by understanding the basic meaning and then moving ahead.It’s common to have a mix of Federal and Private Loan after school.You can easily have multiple loan services, due dates and minimum payments.To know more about the Best Banks for Consolidating Student Loans in 2019, please visit this article.To put it simply: Student Loan Consolidation is One Loan, One Lender, One Payment.

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Keeping a track of what you owe every month and when it’s due can be very confusing.