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We are updating our files

We created five documents in our Azure Cosmos DB and we’ll first start by updating these documents with numerical values for measurements so that we can compare them when we add data.

We’ll start by querying our first document by using our unique identifier of the date and time of our routine (datetime Routine) in the Shell that we’ll want to update. We first specify the unique identifier of our document – in this case the date and time of the routine – then in the next set of brackets, we update the existing document fields.

Once all the folders are set we can now proceed to updating our SPDatens.

Doing this by selecting the “Select SP-source” button and then select the folder with the new SPDaten.

We only include the fields that we’re updating (in this example 2 fields).

If we were to change the name of our fields, these would become to our document, not updates to our document.

Congratulations you now have successfully updated your NCSExpert and Win KFP with your latest SP-DATEN files.

Updates bring changes to both the PHP Melody file structure as well as its My SQL database.

I always like to start with the earliest model which is E36.

Path should look something like mine in the screenshot. Now that we have set our SPDaten path we can now select the “Update SP-daten” button. Select the “Update Win KFP” button and all folders will be copied and replaced from: …\SP-DATEN-Exx\DATA – …\EC-APPS\NFS\DATA also update of SGIDC.

Only all NEWER files will be copied from: …\SP-DATEN-Exx\ECU – **.** In my case as displayed in the image below all will show remain because I have already updated them. AS2 in …\EC-APPS\NFS\DATA\GDATEN to adjust the “long lines” backup’s of all folders are saved as …\name_date_time 5.

Once completed, repeat the same steps for all base models so from E36 to E89.

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