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”“Hell, yes.”"Continue""Speak with Rachel"“Let's do it! ”"Pick an outfit""Pick what she's wearing""Pick opponent""Pick stripper 1""Begin""Speak with Rachel"“Strip all the way and look even hotter.”"Continue""Speak to Rachel"“Touch your pussy.”"Continue""Speak with Rachel"“Dare you to stick a finger up your ass.”"Continue""Go back to the dressing room"(You should be able to manage things from here)(During the introduction choose the RACHfun 1 option; you will also need to win at the casino or take Crystal & Erica to the bar)Go to store"ENTER STORE""Buy the camera""CONTINUE"(Have a drink at the bar and the restaurant)Go to the casino"Book a room for the night""Go to the room""Go to the room"(You can sit on the sofa and kiss Rachel, but it doesn’t have any effect)"Go to the bedroom"“I need to take a picture of you like that.”"Finish taking picture"“Are you OK with a more naughty photo? Strip.”"Watch her strip""Take the picture""Go somewhere else""Go down to the lobby""Go to the casino floor""Go to the bar""Go into the toilets"“Let's chance it.

There are often a few clicks of dialogue in between menus (or you can use the Auto feature by clicking the word “Auto” in the lower right corner.) What happens during these dates is for you to find out on your own.”"Watch""Strip naked""Get in the jacuzzi"“I think I have a bottle of scotch in my pile of clothes.”“You only get to drink if you're taking something off.”"Watch Crystal undress Erica""Continue""Sit in the jacuzzi"(You should be able to manage things from here)Go to store"ENTER STORE""Buy outfit" (it’s the one on the right-hand side; if RACHdri is 2 or greater she will flash you when she puts it on)"CONTINUE"Go to office"Show her where you work""Let Alex work"“Do you think we should invite her along? ”"Finish looking""Ask Alex a question"“Have you ever found a woman attractive?”"Finish looking""Ask Alex a question"“Do you think Rachel's attractive?It also looks like preparing Kelly for the competition was supposed to increase RACHfun but it actually increases RACHinf.(RACHfun 1)“Hey. ”“Continue”"Step outside""Take in the view""Grab her ass"or(RACHdri 1)“Hey. ”"Go to the kitchen""Get a drink from the cupboard"Go to strip club"Talk to Leilani""Let them talk"“Meet Leilani later”Go to casino"Book a room for the night""Book a room""Do something else"(RACHfun 1; won’t raise RACHfun higher than 2)"Go gambling"“Just pick a number.”(It doesn’t matter which number you pick, especially if you edit and comment out the line ‘ar Links[1] = "casloose.html";’)"Kiss her during the excitement""Finish kissing""Collect winnings"(RACHdri 1)"Have a drink at the bar""Buy a vodka""Go somewhere else"Go to bar (if you want the Leilani ending skip the following steps, and go straight to Leilani Ending at the bottom of this walkthrough)(RACHdri 1)“Let's get a drink.”“Two beers.”"Finish having drinks""Speak with Leilani""Talk with Leilani""Take the ticket"(You can also dance, but that doesn’t affect anything)Go to the bar"Speak with Sophie"“Err...hi, boss.I...don't seem to have any pot on me.”“I..a ticket to a strip club competition.”"Give her the ticket information""Say goodbye to Sophie"Go to strip club“What about the competition here?

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