Vegetarian dating norway

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I did this as a collaborative post with Inspiring Travellers and you can see the link to their 15 things to know before moving to Norway at the end of the post!

Be sure to click it to read their thoughts as they spent time living in Stavanger.

I, personally, never made the same amount of money in Norway as I would have in the US. On the other hand, medicine is socialized and many other amenities are taken care of, so it all evened out in the end.

If you look at the OECD Better Life Index, you will notice that based on disposable income, the average American makes astoundingly more than the average Norwegian per year.

they just have the demand for it in Norway at the moment.To be honest, it was one of the greatest periods of my life and I really loved my life in Norway, even if the adjustments were sometimes harsh and difficult.As I have moved around to various places since I look back on my time in the north and realize that it was the easiest place to adjust to as an American.This takes into account a lot of the wealth gaps (to my surprise, there wasn’t as large of a difference between the countries as I anticipated).And with the cost of living being so much lower in the US, your money will go much further than it would in Norway. especially since many jobs (engineers, for example) are in much higher demand in Norway than they are in the US or other countries.

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Luckily, the problem was resolved in a professional and timely manner and I ended up having a superb customer service interaction with Bohus. I just want to advise them to move to Germany where complaining is an art form and then they will see how easy-going they truly are.