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Updating visual studio 2016

All of these fixes (and more) are in Update 3; please take a look at the release notes and known issues for the full list.[Updated June 30: Thanks to some of you early adopters, we were able to fix or offer workarounds for some installation issues that were affecting a small percentage of users, including the inability to install Update 3 and not being able to create or load UWP projects.

The database is then monitored under load and recommendations are made, such as modifications to SQL or adding an index on a table.Now, that Visual Studio 2017 is finally out, I want to have only and don't have Visual Studio 2017 RC or the "old" Visual Studio 2015.I search over internet and I find how to have an off-line installation of Visual Studio 2017.Edit: Just install the current version of Resharper instead of using old versions.Resharper for VS 2017 was not released the same day as VS 2017 itself, but some weeks later.

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NET), which was making VS hang and crash from anywhere within five to 60 minutes of opening a solution.

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