Updating rkhunter dat edating in

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Updating rkhunter dat

Get:1 trusty/main acct amd64 6.5.5-1ubuntu5 [80.6 k B] Fetched 80.6 k B in 11s (6,760 B/s) Selecting previously unselected package acct. 271064 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../acct_6.5.5-1ubuntu5_amd64... Root Kit Hunter is a Unix-based shell script that can scan the local system for rootkits, backdoors and possible local exploits.

You can the remediate whatever the issue found on your system by rkhunter.Hello everyone i just ran rkhunter and it gave me lots of warnings so it got me all worried and im not sure what to do . Scan log: [] Running Rootkit Hunter version 1.3.4 on ns3301094 [] [] Info: Start date is Mon Apr 6 CEST 2015 [] [] Checking configuration file and command-line options... applications: - WWW: apache2 / php5 / ssl - Base: My SQL5 - E-mail: qmail - FTP: proftpd - Admin: Plesk 10 and here is my log , thank you Please inspect this machine, because it may be infected.To avoid having to press ENTER for every check, you can pass the You also noticed that hidden files and directories warnings are given.To avoid these warnings, you can reconfigure rkhunter to ignore these files via whitelisting.

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Rootkits checked : 503 Possible rootkits: 0 Applications checks...

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