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Updating resume for internal promotion

How should I go about describing this on my resume? You are making this way harder than it needs to be.

What does the job description have to do with anything?

I have been working at the same company for a year and a half.

I recently got a title change, but I am unsure how to display it on my resume.

By keeping the overall date range next to the employer's name and indenting the job titles, the reader will easily see that you moved around within one organization.

For example: COMPANY NAME - City, State, 2/01 to present On Monster, simply provide a new employment entry for each position.

Pay attention to how you format these jobs so that you don't appear to be job-hopping.On your Monster resume, you can keep one employment listing by including your highest position in the “Formal Title” field, and then explaining that you held other positions in the “Work Description” section.If you held numerous positions (five or more) with one employer, the above list of job titles will start to take up valuable space on your resume.Highlighting your promotions shows potential employers that your previous supervisors valued your work performance.Even lateral moves suggest you were able to handle diverse responsibilities.

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I simply put, "Maintained responsibilities held under [xxx] title" as my first bullet for the new title.

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