Updating boxee

Posted by / 21-Aug-2020 01:59

Updating boxee

If your patient, then the update will show up over the next few days. Well it comes with a brand new browser that launches and loads pages faster, has better HTML5 support and quite frankly a stupidly long list of other improvements.

Get it now Download the latest Boxee Box firmware at

To setup the flash drive, I formatted it as FAT32 and labeled the drive as That’s all there is to it, just plug the flash drive into the back of the Boxee and it is good to go.If you boot into Boxee Hacks and then want to load up Kodi, just plug in the flash drive and it loads automatically.This turns a seemingly unassuming and thought-obsolete device into a pretty powerful media center, and is a quick inexpensive solution to streaming your content to yet another television.If you leave the flash drive in, whenever you boot the Boxee it will go right into Kodi.Leave it out and it will boot to standard Boxee Hacks.

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Great new Boxee Box owners, the latest update to the software is now available.