Updating amateur radio license

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Updating amateur radio license

So upgrading your license can be very fulfilling and rewarding endeavor. One of the first things I did after getting my general ticket was to purchase a copy of the ARRL Extra Class license manual. After a year and a half, I wasn’t sure if I would ever make the jump. In January of 2002, at a local hamfest, two other friends and I split the cost of the Gordon West amateur extra tapes. I reread the license manual and started understanding the information.I knew I wanted to get my Extra, but I didn’t know how long it was going to take. We then set a deadline to get our extra by the end of February when a testing session would be held. By the end of February I felt confident, the three of us took the exam, and passed it on the first try.Especially when actually learning something will certainly prove useful in the future and make ham radio that much more fun? We’re not talking about the installation and maintenance of systems with life-or-death consequences, such as air-traffic control systems or medical electronics.If after thinking about all this you still think that the test is too easy, get on the committee that makes up the question pool.By having read a little bit about it to answer some questions on the Extra Class exam, I’m that much closer to actually doing it.

Other reasons include: Getting a 1×2 or 2×1 vanity callsign, being a callsign trustee for your local club, and not having to worry where the general class band limits are.

Your reference copy license will open in a PDF file for printing or saving.

In my article I talked about why you should, and shouldn’t upgrade to your General Class Amateur Radio license.

As an electrical engineering student, I questioned the need to take thermodynamics and fluids courses.

Well, that knowledge certainly came in handy when I became a project manager responsible for the design of an electronics control system.

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Yes you can be a VE with your general class license, but you will only be able to administer Technician exams.

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