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Updatedating powered by vbulletin

I would wager a guess that if put together with the 660 and allowed to cure correctly it will run for a very long time.I personally would not have ordered a new assembly. I have done the center punch fix several times also but in this case again not needed.The 660 works on loose fits up to .002 " if the bearings are looser than that you need to use something else.This may be stupid but is it just easier to run it for the 30 hours and then just fix it the right way?Yes it will occur more damage but if it doesn't do more damage then what has to be fixed anyways, makes more sense.But I don't know how bad the bearing is to start with Sent from my 2PS64 using Tapatalk I would have but the bearing.it looks as the old bearing were failing all the metal parts were jamming them up on the shaft causing the shaft to get worn a little and the inside race of the bearing to blue a little its a light press fit to get them back on very light cant weld the shaft and turn it down locktite bearing on shaft ? just install it with grease and hope it will run for the next week 30-40 hours being power by 6.5 HP ENGINE spinning little weights to make it vibrate.

I have used the 660 several times and it seems to work well.

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I move out to middle of nowhere Oregon I keep update dating the profile here but still shows center nj There only one shop here that is very backed up ran by a cranky Guy that is only open some times and you get what you get Loctite makes several different products for different severity of misfit.

Many times a good center punch to dimple around the shaft will snug up a loose fit.

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