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As a camera system's depth of field is greater for small image formats and is greater for lenses with a large f-number (small aperture), the systems used in webcams have a sufficiently large depth of field that the use of a fixed-focus lens does not impact image sharpness to a great extent.

Most models use simple, focal-free optics (fixed focus, factory-set for the usual distance from the monitor to which it is fastened to the user) or manual focus.

Some of them, for example, those used as online traffic cameras, are expensive, rugged professional video cameras.

Image sensors can be CMOS or CCD, the former being dominant for low-cost cameras, but CCD cameras do not necessarily outperform CMOS-based cameras in the low-price range.

The manufacturer stated that the vulnerability was eliminated as soon as it was reported.

This is inconsistent with the stance of vpn Mentor who claim that they tried contacting ORVIBO privately since June the 16 and even tweeted the company before publishing full disclosure.

A webcam is a video camera that feeds or streams its image in real time to or through a computer to a computer network.

The term "webcam" (a clipped compound) may also be used in its original sense of a video camera connected to the Web continuously for an indefinite time, rather than for a particular session, generally supplying a view for anyone who visits its web page over the Internet.

The ORVIBO database contained critical user data: According to additional information from ZDNet, the database was published using the default Elasticsearch HTML interface (port 9200) so it was trivial to find.Various lenses are available, the most common in consumer-grade webcams being a plastic lens that can be manually moved in and out to focus the camera.Fixed-focus lenses, which have no provision for adjustment, are also available.Note that the Acunetix web vulnerability scanner checks for the availability of Elasticsearch services since 2014 so this vulnerability could have been easily found by the manufacturer.On July the 3, ORVIBO published confirmation and an apology on Twitter.

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