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Governor Ruth Ann Minner named Blunt Rochester the state personnel director in 2001.

Blunt Rochester was married to her first husband, basketball player Alex Bradley, from 1982 to 2003.

It is the intention of University Public Safety to assure all reasonable privacy is extended to those residing in rooms and apartments leased from the University.

When appropriate, advance notification should be given to housing occupants before security staff enter an individual room or apartment.

After the internship, she continued to work for Carper as a constituent relations caseworker, and worked on his transition team when he was elected Governor of Delaware.

Carper appointed her as the deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services in 1993 and as the Secretary of the Department of Labor in 1998.

[Faculty Handbook, June 1999 edition] Mission Statement A number of the University's internal policies and procedures are directed to its maintenance of order, discipline, and safety on campus, and to the prevention of activities which impair or jeopardize University services or the legitimate privacy rights and freedoms of members of the University community.More Public Safety staff shall at all times perform those duties in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.University employees in general and Public Safety staff in particular will not interfere with or intrude upon private communications, intercept mail, make wire taps, or encourage any criminal act for purposes of entrapment.However, there will be instances when it will become necessary for security staff to enter housing rooms and apartments without notice to carry out protective or personal safety duties.In addition, Residential Life Staff will often contact Public Safety for assistance in documenting and resolving alleged or observed violations of Student Conduct Standards, University Policy or NYS Laws occurring in and around their respective living areas, halls and buildings.

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As a part of its responsibility for liaison with public law enforcement agencies, University Public Safety must report to the appropriate government law enforcement authority unlawful acts or evidence thereof.

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