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He added that the show " just grew from [sitting in] the kitchen with my dad to what you see now, which is far more elaborate than anything I ever imagined.

So many women and girls were with me, all of us dressed in red and all desperately pushing for change.

According to Harley Street gynaecologist Dr Hina Sra, the rise of social media, plus the #Me Too movement, has created the perfect storm for women to take on the period-shamers.

“From a GP’s point of view, I’m seeing less embarrassment from my female patients,” she says.

's Esme, Stevie and Michelle fitted for a behind the scenes tour of the intricate world of costume making.

"It was a great pleasure to work with Tom and Oona," Joanna tells us of working with the cast. Every piece of clothing we give the actor conveys information about the character, so it's through costume that we tell stories." For Joanna and her team, the first step for any costume design is understanding the complex history of fashion and fabric.

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That same year, drummer Kiran Gandhi made headlines across the globe after free bleeding – menstruating without using protection – during the London Marathon, sparking other women to follow suit in their everyday life.