Truth about being overweight and dating Facetimechatsex

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Truth about being overweight and dating

Naturally I made the link between increased female interest and a better physique. I started courting the upbeat, conquer the world types.

The same women I felt I didn’t have access to as a fat man.

When I began making some inroads along my journey to good health, women seemed to respond positively to it. Female acquaintances on Facebook who had largely ignored me started liking the muscle pics that I would gratuitously post, and sent me flirty, unsolicited messages. Most importantly, however, my tastes in women improved.

Although the process of losing weight took discipline, and some days back from the gym I felt exhausted and ready to chow down a Big Mac, this simple formula did the trick relatively quickly.

I’ve shed a lot of body fat over the last nine months.

Today I want to respond to these six responses one at a time (each on its own page should you want to share a link to a specific response).

I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for it (it’s proven to be a touchy subject, after all), but I hope that we can all dismantle our personal angst long enough to have a worthwhile discussion about it.

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A while ago, I was a slovenly and overweight 31 year old man. I settled for girls that I knew weren’t right for me because I didn’t have the confidence to pursue those who were.

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