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The trial court granted petitioners' motion for summary judgment. The tragic sequence of events leading to the accident in this case is undisputed.

On the evening of September 9, 1978, Ralph Crowe, eighteen years of age, attended a large, outdoor party of teenagers in Commerce City. King County, 100 Wn.2d 299, 669 P.2d 468 (1983); Miller v.

Accordingly, we reverse the court of appeals and remand to the court of appeals with directions to reinstate the trial court's order granting summary judgment to petitioners.

Not the individual who has suffered from the crime, certainly, for the officer was not his policeman; was not hired by him, paid by him, or controlled by him; and consequently owed to him no legal duty. Cooley, A Treatise on the Law of Torts 756-57 (3d ed. Cooley, A Treatise on the Law of Torts 385-86 (4th ed. Two court of appeals' decisions since Quintano have reached opposite conclusions regarding the continued validity of the rule.

The duty imposed upon the officer was a duty to the public — to the State, of which the individual sufferer was only a fractional part, and incapable as such of enforcing obligations which were not individual but general. In this very case, the trial court expressed some hesitation in ordering summary judgment on the basis of the public duty rule.

Shortly thereafter, the officers were approached by seventeen-year-old Eddie Crowe, Ralph Crowe's younger brother.

Eddie Crowe requested that Ralph be released to him and told the officers that he would drive Ralph home. Alaska, 555 P.2d 235 (Alaska 1976)." 655 P.2d at 1390.

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