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If Bumble isn’t to blame for giving thousands of Travis Barker fans a 24-hour panic attack, is it ethical of a celeb to dangle a dating carrot in front of women on Bumble Date without the intention of actually dating?I interviewed several women in Los Angeles who regularly match with celebrities, most of whom have never even gotten past the chat phase and some who’ve never received a single message back after a mutual match.Yet in terms of collaborations like Barker and Bumble’s, she believes “it should be clear that it’s a paid promotion.”Whether driven by the brands, dating apps, or celebrities themselves, it’s clear that the line between love and promotion has already been blurred.The best advice that I can give as a dating coach is to proceed with caution.

The preferred method of asking or being asked out is in person, by a wide margin.

“Based off of the interaction on his Instagram post, many of his fans were excited for the opportunity to meet him,” A Bumble spokesperson says.

“As a company, we love to engage our users in an authentic way that adds value to their Bumble experience.”The spokesperson continued, “It wasn’t an in-app promotion.

”Now the ball was in his court; he he didn’t respond within 24 hours, the match would disappear forever. She saw that he’d traveled from Calabasas to Beverly Hills, and began to cobble together a narrative—he must have gone from his home to the studio and back again.

She assumed he was busy making music without a spare moment to reply to a potential paramour’s messages.

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