Telegraph dating service

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Telegraph dating service

Thus flag semaphore is a method of telegraphy, whereas pigeon post is not.Ancient signalling systems, although sometimes quite extensive and sophisticated as in China, were generally not capable of transmitting arbitrary text messages.The system was extensively used in France, and European countries controlled by France, during the Napoleonic era.The electric telegraph started to replace the optical telegraph in the mid-nineteenth century.Telegraph dating is one of the oldest and best dating website in the internet community.

The word "telegraph" alone now generally refers to an electrical telegraph.

Wireless telegraphy is transmission of messages over radio with telegraphic codes.

Contrary to the extensive definition used by Chappe, Morse argued that the term telegraph can strictly be applied only to systems that transmit and record messages at a distance.

Currently 33000 people are using this online dating website.

The telegraph dating is owned by the Telegraph Media Group Limited.

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The few remaining telegraph applications were largely taken over by alternatives on the internet towards the end of the twentieth century.

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