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Leafy Green Salads, Garden Salads, Raw Vegetables, Roasted/Grilled Veg, Grilled Fish, White Meat, Sauces, Legumes/Pulses 2019 Japan Olive Oil Prize - Organic - Best in Class2019 L' Orciolo d' Oro - Light Fruity Organic - 1st Prize, Monocultivar Award Winner2019 NYIOOC - Gold2019 Sol D' Oro - Organic - Special Mention" It is a proven fact that in just eight hours of close exposure to strong fluorescent lights, a bottle of olive oil packed in a clear glass bottle will be totally destroyed having lost its color, flavors and aromas.While oil packed in a dark glass bottle offers considerably better protection, it too becomes vulnerable when exposed to strong light and can be completely destroyed in less than a week, which makes purchasing olive oil in a supermarket a less than desirable prospect.

The oil has a fruity aroma of fresh grass and on the palate offers notes of artichoke and green almond.

For oils from the Southern Hemisphere, from countries such as Chile or South Africa, harvest occurs any time between late April to mid-June.

While this answer can vary depending on the olive variety, time of harvest, and how the product is stored, in general an extra virgin olive oil will retain much of its flavor and aromas for 18-30 months in an unopened container.

This is more likely to occur in the warmest and coldest months during which time approximately 5% of tin shipments are affected.

Indentations of the tin will not affect the quality of the oil inside.

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Beyond that, the vast majority of the oils sold in the USA have inadequate or even misleading labels.

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