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Speed dating stats

According to a study by the University of Pavia in Italy, it lasts about a year.Another fun find from Facebook —couples who make it to 3 months usually end up together for at least 4 years.We have a variety of – female, male and even TV/TS escort located in any city or town in a country.If a blue-eyed or green-eyed outcall/incall escort is your preference to make your wildest dreams come true, simply browse places listed alphabetically from A to Z and enjoy a lot of sexy and oozing with sex appeal .2018 was a mother effing rollercoaster ride in terms of relationships. Turns out, there were plenty of other weird AF dating trends and happenings that didn't make headline news. And if you thought things ended there, think again.

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From new marriages (hello, Dutchess of Sussex) to surprise breakups (goodbye, Jenna and Channing) and strange dating phenomenons (like BDE and curving—aka when someone is indirectly not showing any interest in you), celebs and the average person alike had more than enough excitement for one calendar year.

Here, we rounded up some of these WTF stats to prove that this year, we all damn near lost our minds.

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