Sober and dating

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Initially I can be attracted, but soon come to realize that the feeling is actually friendship and not something more.It is OK to care about a person, but not want a romantic relationship – ?!! I am where I am for a very good reason and the reason will soon become clear.There are over 23 million Americans recovering from addiction.Some from alcohol, others from drugs, sex, shopping, and other vices.And sober dating will be another pleasurable component of my recovery.

In my past, alcohol would give me the courage to talk and flirt.

If you’re at a loss for how sober dating works, keep reading.

Here are some tips and ideas for a fun and drink-free dating life.

By writing my truth I hope to dispel some of the myths around what defines an alcoholic." Nicola Lee lives in Hampshire, England.

She writes a blog at called 365 'Days a Year' and also writes for the Huffington Post UK.

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In fact, I’m probably more comfortable than when surrounded by females.

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