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I am a sportive lady ( Third party contractor ) with 1,76m height, 79 kg sportive healty body. I would like to think my personality is the same always but to ..Looking for well educated, cultured, sweet talk, polite, romantic friend wi.. It's interesting to note that the Marine Corps is the only branch that has recruits shooting from distances as far as yards away.I was assigned to the Weapons Platoon machine gun section.That kid is broken down to that of a whimpering boy, then rebuilt into what the Marine Corps wants in its warriors. Thus began my first day of boot camp in the Marine Corps and, that's another bunch of stories.I arrived in Country at the end of May and was Marine Corps boot camp is divided into three phases.

Gregg Stoner'They put us through hell': A Marine abused at boot camp

Grit, your home for Marine Corps gifts and supplies.

They should also practice arriving early on a regular basis and sticking to a strict schedule.

Depending on which MOS they're entering, the next phase of this Marine boot camp could include anything from instruction in machine guns and mortars to anti-tank warfare techniques.

Vastly outnumbered, Marines fought a viciously intense urban battle against North Vietnamese and Viet Cong until finally securing victory on 2 March, Find great deals on e Bay for parris island.

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