Shinhwa dating rumors

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Shinhwa dating rumors

The couple first met at a gathering with mutual friends and started a romantic relationship later.

Having been born in 1979, Lee Min Woo is 11 years Go So Hyun’s senior (she was born in 1990).

Chae Min-seo made her debut in the 2002 movie “Champion.” She has since appeared in several dramas including “Romance Hunters” and current SBS series “Don’t Know Her” and films such as “Loner” (2008) and “Vegetarian” (2009).

Shinhwa means Friendship, Longevity, Together Forever no matter what.

The two have been dating for over a year and have not gone to extreme lengths to keep their relationship a secret.

Apparently, they frequently enjoy going on dates around Sinsa-dong.

According to the rumors, they were in a relationship for a period of time before Seo Ji Young left him for actor Ryu Shi Won.Source: 网易娱乐 / trans: midnightgirl13 @ Lee Minwoo confesses, "I really loved Seo Ji Young and Shin Ae before"Lee Minwoo discusses his scandals on MBC Everyone's "Park Kyung Rim's Wonderful Outing".Lee Minwoo recently confessed on "Wonderful Outing" that "Seo Ji Young and Shin Ae are people that I really loved before", making it clear that the rumors are indeed true.This relationship supposedly ended after one and a half years.On "Park Kyung Rim's Wonderful Outing", during the "True or False" segment, Lee Minwoo said, "There were rumors about me dating Sharp's Seo Ji Young and Shin Ae."When MC Park Kyung Rim started to discuss this sensitive topic, Lee Minwoo said, "They are people whom I have loved before.

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