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(3) An offender who resides and is registered in this stateand who intends to move out of this state shall, withinforty-eight (48) hours after moving to another state orwithin forty-eight (48) hours of becoming reasonably certainof the intention to move to another state, register or reportto the offender's designated law enforcement agency theaddress at which the offender will reside in the newjurisdiction.

(4) Within forty-eight (48) hours of a change in any otherinformation given to the registering agency by the offenderthat is contained on the registration form, the offender mustreport the change to the registering agency.

Therequesting business or organization shall also agree that theinformation will not be further disseminated.

(n) If the offender's DNA sample has not already beencollected pursuant to § 40-35-321 or any other law andreceived by TBI, the offender's DNA sample shall be taken bythe registering agency at the time the offender registers orat the offender's next scheduled registration or reportingand sent to TBI.(o) An offender who registers or reports as required bythis section prior to July 1, 2008, shall provide theadditional information on the registration form required bythis section at the offender's next scheduled registration orreporting date.(1) No sooner than ten (10) years after terminationof active supervision on probation, parole or any otheralternative to incarceration, or no sooner than ten (10)years after discharge from incarceration without supervision,an offender required to register under this part may file arequest for termination of registration requirements with TBIheadquarters in Nashville.(2) Notwithstanding subdivision (a)(1), if a court ofcompetent jurisdiction orders that an offender's records beexpunged pursuant to § 40-32-101, and the offense beingexpunged is an offense eligible for expunction under§ 40-32-101, the TBI shall immediately remove theoffender from the SOR and the offender's records shall beremoved as provided in § 40-39-209.(b) Upon receipt of the request for termination, the TBIshall review documentation provided by the offender andcontained in the offender's file and the SOR, to determinewhether the offender has complied with this part.

New Tennessee sex-offender notification law As mentioned above, the personal information of sex offenders has been available to the public for years.

According to the mom, Harris stated "he has children come see his chickens, gather eggs, play with them and encouraged me to bring my son.

According to the mom, Harris was "coaching parents" to bring kids to his home.

However, while this information has long been made available by the state government, a new law recently passed by Tennessee lawmakers now permits local governments to proactively publish this information as well.

Daniel Sherman Harris, 75, was arrested by the Wilson County Sheriffs Office on Wednesday for violation of the sex offender registry after a concerned mother took to social media to report his suspicious activity. They also plan on conducting background checks on all current and future vendors.

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Within this act, the Tennessee General Assembly observed that it is a "compelling and necessary public interest that the public have information concerning persons convicted of sexual offenses…to allow members of the public to adequately protect themselves and their children from these persons.

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