Sex chat for submissive

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Sex chat for submissive

You might simply want to be taken over his lap, but saying you want to try “BDSM” might bring to mind more extreme forms of bondage and discipline or even ideas of abuse that aren’t actually safe, sane and consensual.

Hopefully, you’ll be matched with a partner who is interested in playing the counterpart role to yours, but this isn’t always the case.

You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Having a safe word, which you’ll read about later, can help put you both at ease.

If you know that pain or submission turns you on, you can also explain how that feels for you.

Your safe word should be easy to remember and say even when you’re under duress. Even if you enjoy being a submissive, you may still run into intense feelings or find that your scenes trigger past traumas.

Both of those things are normal, and if your relationship is healthy, you should be able to work through them to truly enjoy how erotic and freeing BDSM can be.

Your submissive persona may be the receiver of penetrative sex and impact play such as a spanking, paddling or flogging.

You might also find that you both enjoy it if you call your partner “Sir” – or another nickname that indicates your positions of dominance and submission.

Some power exchange relationships extend outside the bedroom.

If you’re engaging in BDSM with sex, you might find that giving oral sex to your partner helps you feel submissive.

The feeling of power that a person often feels when receiving oral sex certainly lends itself to the power exchange you’re looking for.

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Beware of any partner who thinks the only way to be submissive is to give complete control.