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Her father’s corpse was given to the sentries’ boys who ate him.

Matuli, aged 15, and her mother were made prisoners.

Some white state agents officially expressed their dissent with such violent practices, yet they also committed violence, gave instructions, watched, laughed and condoned.

For example, Mongondo’s testimony confirms Mingo’s story, and adds: “The white man Longwango was present.

It is however beyond dispute that this violence was part of the white colonial state.It shows pieces of plantain stalk threaded on a string, each stalk representing a life taken.The large pieces symbolised the chiefs and ordinary men who had been killed, the shorter ones represented the murdered women and children. For example, Matuli of Ikoko testifies how her father was tied to a tree and shot by sentries.The exploitation of rubber was assured by State officials and through a network of African auxiliaries (also known as sentries, sentinels or capitas), who were put into a certain area or village by the State or one of the concession companies.Their task was to supervise the work of the natives in the forest, mainly in rubber production.

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The kidnapping (also referred to as ) of women, especially the beautiful ones, is a recurring theme in the archives.

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