Sccm collections not updating update collection membership online dating queensland australia

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Sccm collections not updating update collection membership

In the following sections, I will explain how to create Static Collections in SCCM.You can use the same method to create static Device collection and static User collection.I have different Device Collections for servers in different AD group.One collection called Server Pilot contains a group of pilot servers.Also, other different types of collections in SCCM are explained below.We have another type of collections which are Static collections and dynamic collections. I removed some from that collection and less than a minute later the numbers were updated. Same thing happened a couple days ago -- Add a new single machine. I hit "update membership" and "refresh" to try to get it to recognize the new machine. If the update is taking a while, you may have other collections that are evaluating their memberships. If you go under all queues, you'll see what is running and when the membership updates are expected to finish. I can add some test machines to SCCM for future projects I guess so I don't have to wait. It will get bored waiting for you to explode with frustration and only then will it get around to updating that collection.-edit- I'm only half kidding.

Visit Stack Exchange Is there Powershell command/script that can be setup to run an "update collection memebership" on a specific collection and subcollections?I have a couple of posts about How to create collections (static and dynamic) in this series of posts.This post is part of SCCM Education series of posts! You may have one that's messed up and taking a long time to run. I should update the device collections above the one I'm working with too to nudge things along. Then another testing/dev folder I set up has to update. Sounds easier to add the machines the day before and then they're waiting the next day for me. Something to note, if you don't have many collections, but the updates are taking a while, check your queries. Apparently, it gets added to the entire organization's device collection. Then my department's main device collection has to update.

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