Scarlett johansson dating a black guy

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“It’s being directed by this woman Cate Shortland who is a phenomenal director. She’s a phenomenal director, so what’s really exciting to me about it is it’s gonna be like a real deep, interesting film.

And so yeah, I’m just excited for it as a film as well as a superhero movie.”At SDCC 2019, Harbour was confirmed to play Red Guardian, a character imagined as Russia’s answer to Captain America.

Rachel Weisz, meanwhile, is yet new Black Widow on the block. There’s quite a lot of other characters that you’ll meet who are also Black Widows.”Perhaps the hottest commodity joining the cast is Stranger Things’ David Harbour.

Especially something like Captain Marvel and Black Widow, to have these female-centered stories — I just can’t not be involved in that.”In February 2019, Marvel hired Ned Benson to rewrite Schaeffer’s Scarlett Johansson was the first female Avenger to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, back when it was mostly a boys club. I think it grounds the presence of the MCU in a way.But now things have changed for the better, with the weekend's slew of announcements at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 featuring a host of huge female stars – and Johansson thinks it's "amazing". It's very exciting to see such a diverse group of people. "I don't need any darkness.""I think I've got a lot on my plate right now, but I'll let you know," she added about Stern playing matchmaker. When Stern asked who she thinks is "the hottest guy right now in the world," she surprisingly named Gordon Ramsay."Honestly, I'm like, somebody who likes Gordon Ramsay," she said, also revealing she has a celeb crush on Anthony Bourdain."There's a running theme," she joked.As for her own actor friends, Johansson said she doesn't have many, though she is close to her , where she shared that she's still on a "journey of self-discovery" -- much like her character, the cyber-enhanced soldier, Major."Major is curious about herself, to discover not just her own identity, but to discover what it means to be human for her," she told ET's Cameron Mathison.

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