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Saudi arabia dating culture

Nepotism in business is not seen as harmful, but instead as showing the key importance of employing people that are known and trusted.

Although Saudi families are traditionally highly patriarchal, the role of women within the family is gradually extending into the workplace following significant encouragement by the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and new labour policies.

Bordered by Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, Saudi Arabia mostly consists of desert accompanied by a harsh climate and temperature extremes.

The country is governed as an absolute monarchy by the ruling family, the House of Saud, dating from the nation’s hard-fought unification and inception in 1932.

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This fact, in addition to a strict interpretation of Islam termed Wahhabism, has resulted in the creation of a highly religious national identity.

Sparsely populated, its 31 million inhabitants are predominantly young and highly urbanised with over 80% living in towns and cities such as Jeddah and Riyadh, the extensively modernised capital.

I'm planning to my Life having a own House and Lot even a very small area.. Working in saudi arabia as nurse in hospital jeddah almost 3 years until arabia still on.. Modern-day Saudi Arabia is a traditional and highly conservative society, fundamentally based on strong religious values, beliefs, and customs to which it is expected that expatriates and visitors should respect and adhere.All Saudis practice Islam, which provides guidance and rules for their personal, economic, political, legal and social lives.Saudi Arabia is also home to more than 10 million foreigners who have relocated for work, including over 100,000 European and North American expatriates.Around 90% of the population are Sunni Muslim while the remainder are predominantly Shia, although other faiths are also represented including Christianity and Hinduism.

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Religious obligations such as prayer times are embedded into public and business life and are not considered flexible, and most businesses will close on a Friday, the Muslim holy day.

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