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They have a live demonstration of their android maids in their own maidcafe.

The androids arent flawless but malfunctions can be easily repaired.

But the company can even take care of harder problems.

^^Kurobot corporation building: The two story building has multiple workshops and offices on the upper floor while the lobby and cafe are on the ground floor. You can be a client or a friend of the company too.

Every weekend the company offers a class to make simpler robots.

Even though the company seems so perfect, they still have some problems that might occur like when one of the android maids short circuits and goes on a rampage.

She spun around and dashed over to where he stood, yet, suddenly, her legs broke underneath her, the plate of eggs hitting the large window beside him and landing in the man's lap. His father and mine are the founders of this company, which makes Tamike like a cousin."Looks like dirt got in there and burned some of the hardware." Ayaka said.She then pulled the face out from the head like a drawer out of a shelf and replaced the broken parts.Then again, I'm lazy." :: He would say, before falling to the floor and pretenidng to be asleep, even going so far as to make loud snoring noises, as the people working would growl and get annoyed by this:: Mai awoke to the sounds of knocking on her door; Mr.Iwamura's voice was light yet stern as he spoke to her."Mai-san, wake up.

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It was so hard to find lolita clothing that would fit her, so she usually made her own, yet, it was terribly hard, due to the fact that she was paid minium wage.

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