Rockefeller starts fluoridating water

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Rockefeller starts fluoridating water

When in fact it will save them expensive running costs of fluoridating water on top of everything else.I believe that makes 10 Queensland Councils to either cease fluoridation or opt out before the poisoning of their constituents started.Another Qld Council Halts The Scourge of Fluoride A wise decision.Note how this brief story mentions the money as if to make out that the council has wasted Federal funding for a water fluoridation project.AI to be honest I'd be more open to listening to you if you didn't wish death and dismemberment upon the people with whom you disagree.Also if you could give effective summaries of the large Youtube videos you post. I mean, we had a whole class full of retards when I was in high school and I know there were ones at others.

The elite began taking over the education system approximately 100 years ago.

Our daily decisions, especially regarding what we decide we are going to eat or do not eat, are first and foremost.

We can use food as medicine, sloughing off the pharmaceutical industry meme that we need statins to stave off the ‘inevitable.’ Take back control of your health with nutrition, and realize that food is the only medicine that will both nourish us and heal our bodies in a way that will produce lasting health. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of Green Med Info LLC.

We have a much larger set of studies on over 200 natural substances capable of reducing the risk of heart attack and associated cardiovascular diseases.

Remember, heart disease is not a natural process, that we must accept as inevitable based on family history of an outdated gene-based model of human disease risk.

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