Resource out of date try updating tortoisesvn

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Resource out of date try updating tortoisesvn

"Refresh" just means that Eclipse will update its view of the local filesystem, in case a file was changed outside Eclipse.

This occurs in the typical merge from branch to trunk scenario (and probably in other scenarios). This isn't generally supposed to be necessary, but in one case it was.

I got this problem trying to rename a directory but hopefully this will work.

$ svn delete dir/file D dir/file $ svn ci -m "comment1" Deleting dir/file $ svn delete dir/ D dir $ svn ci -m "comment2" Deleting dir svn: Commit failed (details follow): svn: Item 'dir' is out of date This happens when you are going to commit a file and the same file is updated in the SVN as well. So what you have to do is just take a copy of your changes and revert the file.

Sometimes your commit actually succeeded on the server. To check whether this happened, look at the revision log.

It's very annoying though, and it occurs so commonly that now I generally make it standard practice to just do an svn update after the merge, before I even try to commit, and almost all of the time this works.

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The src code is on revision 2, but I had a file that messed up, so I reverted it to revision 1.

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