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No one knows when the first puppet was made or who by.While later puppets - like muppets - can be easily researched, things like finger puppets have an unknown history.

They come in numerous styles, colors, designs, etc... All cultures change both with time, technology, social development, social changes positive and negative, even climate change. Culture is also much more varied than the question suggests.

Ancient India is called the empire of the spirit because Ancient India is the living tradition of the Hindu religion, which is the basis of Indian culture.

Their traditions that Indian's honor today are from 5,000 years ago.

Yes Western culture has the ability to affect Indian culture greatly, and I think most Indians will agree that Western influence has become more prominent in India in the last few decades.

The puppet master was killed in the 9/11 crash and this discouraged all major puppeteers. Indian women wear sarees because it describes rich Indian heritage culture and each stat of India belongs to different culture, so they wear different sarees according to their culture so it has been given great value.

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After the Union Jack flag was hoisted at Delhi and we were under British empire for 200 years, there was a breach in Indian culture and educated youths had a tendency to copy… but ''live in relationship'' is practised in India .