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“I’m close to Mom; I visit her and she visits us.” He also stays close to his sister Tori, who now has four children ages 3 to 8.Given Tori’s and his own busy schedules, he says they don’t see each other as often as he would like, but they keep in touch with photos and texts.His parents gave him the choice of whether to study and become a bar mitzvah.“Eighty percent of my friends were Jewish, so I was going to bar and bat mitzvahs all the time,” he says.He lit the Hanukkah candles and said the blessings.The family went to temple on High Holidays and celebrated Passover.Meanwhile, Randy has built a thriving life-coaching business called Being in Flow (Randyspelling.com).

The Internet Movie Database lists the elder Spelling as the producer of 225 television series, movies and mini-series including long-running series stretching from “Burke’s Law” (1963-66), “Mod Squad” (1968-73), “The Love Boat” (1977-87) and “Dynasty” (1981-89) through “7th Heaven” (1996-2006) and “Charmed” (1998-2006).I couldn’t wait to be done.” About three years later, Randy had taken some acting classes in high school and decided he did want to pursue the family business.So during a family dinner in Las Vegas, he asked his parents if he could work with an acting coach.But it was an often gilded, occasionally tortured road he followed from Spelling Manor in Los Angeles to Southeast Portland.“Any house that has a name is usually on the large side,” Randy says of the mansion where he spent his adolescence.

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He landed a role on “Malibu Shores,” followed by a return to 90210 when a recurring role came up for Steve’s little brother. Knowing he wanted to do something different, in 2007 he enrolled in a life-coaching course and “it felt fitting.” So he signed up for the two-year Coach U at a time when most people hadn’t heard of life coaching and began his new career. Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, he picked up a magazine and began reading an article about Portland.

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