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I am unsure who will get this but I was thinking of how I got to where I am and what makes me the person I am today.I started my journey for my masters in Human Services so I can work in the area that I found my confidence in.It felt good to realize there are so many good people in the world! -Jenny My wife & I moved from Texas to a small town close to Quincy with our small children, 3 girls & our 4 month old son.Her family in Texas offered no support, but my family welcomed us here with open arms, so we settled into our new life. We weren’t sure how they could help, but with some apprehension, made the call.I was surprised to see it was a man that was there, but he was friendly and began to ask me about my daughter and my situation—specifically why I needed the diapers.

The best of thoughts, – Tabitha My friend told me about Birthright when I told her I didn’t know how I’d make it ‘till payday without running out of diapers for my baby.

My friends begged me to make the right choice, & there were others who tried to shame me & tell me I’d go to hell … The lady from birthright, though, assured me that no matter what, she’d be there for me.

I thought she might hate me, but she promised to love me & be my friend regardless of my decision.

I am in construction & have plenty of work & my wife is a waitress in a nearby town. A pleasant lady gave us the hours & reassured us if we couldn’t come during the times they were open, she would be happy to come in for us.

Even though my mom helps with our kids, I’m able to be flexible & can take care of them while my wife works. We drove almost an hour with our little kids, not knowing what was going to be the outcome to this devastating problem.

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We normally just make it, but she has been sick and went through them twice as fast as usual.

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