Qnap antivirus not updating

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Qnap antivirus not updating

Fri, EDT (smorgan)----------------------------------- * Patch for integer overflow checks for petite unpack code supplied by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

Fri, EDT (smorgan)----------------------------------- * remove obsolete parameters from the man page: Mail Max Recursion, Archive Max File Size, Archive Max Recursion, Archive Max Files, Archive Max Compression Ratio, Archive Block Max, Archive Limit Memory Usage, Clamuko*.

Tue, 0200 (Sebastian Andrzej Siewior)------------------------------------------ * try to minimize the err cleanup path Tue, 0200 (Sebastian Andrzej Siewior)------------------------------------------ * clamunrar: notice if unpacking comment failed Wed, -0400 (Steven Morgan)------------------------------------------ * bb9042 - signature manual update. Tue, -0400 (Kevin Lin)------------------------------------------ * bb#11261 - additional suppress IP notification when using proxy Tue, -0400 (Kevin Lin)------------------------------------------ * bb#10983 - fix download and verification of *through Private Mirrors Mon, -0400 (Kevin Lin)------------------------------------------ * bb#11261 - suppress IP notification when using proxy Mon, -0400 (Kevin Lin)------------------------------------------ * bb#11543 - remove redundant mempool assignment Thu, -0400 (Kevin Lin)------------------------------------------ * bb#11003 - divide out dumpcerts output for better readability Wed, -0400 (Kevin Lin)------------------------------------------ * bb#11003 - fix dconf and option handling for nocert and dumpcert Mon, -0400 (Mickey Sola)------------------------------------------ * bb11463 - patch by Jim Morris to increase clamd's soft file descriptor to its potential maximum on 64-bit systems Mon, -0400 (Steven Morgan)------------------------------------------ * Move libfreshclam config to m4/reorganization.

It is a recommended to use RAID and have external backups.

Fri, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11254 - removed built-in llvm configure check and added --with-llvm-linking option to specify system-llvm linking method Fri, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * improved documentation on macro subsignatures Wed, EDT (smorgan)----------------------------------- * fix documentation errors in example logical signature.

Fri, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#12887 - fixed an issue regarding (fd==-1) in Win API Wed, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * fixed Windows API Set Option/Get Option CLAM_LIMIT_RECURSION Wed, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * added ICONV to clamconf optional features report Thu, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * fixed an incorrect return value for magic_scandesc Wed, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * cleaned up configure help strings by using AS_HELP_STRING Mon, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11238 - added missing PDF preclass operations added PDF escape sequence handling (including octal) Thu, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11237 - fixed bug in building CUD file Wed, EDT (smorgan)----------------------------------- * bb11233 - fix a strange bus error on Mac OS X PPC when using debug mode.

Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * make check: added env check 'T' to set timeout Mon, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11282 - patch for code clean up in rebuildpe. Mon, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11284 - fixed integer underflow in detecting W32. Wed, EDT (smorgan)----------------------------------- * bb11278 - was not detecting viruses on files inside iso9660. Mon, EDT (smorgan)----------------------------------- * bb11274 - adds out of bounds check for petite packed files. Wed, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * updated example fileprop analysis bytecodes moved old example bytecodes to examples/fileprop_analysis/old/ Wed, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * backwards compatibility for target type 13 json scanning Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * generates fmap from desc if no map is NULL Tue, EDT (smorgan)----------------------------------- * Apply y0da cryptor patch sent in by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * flevel updated to 80 (new bytecode hook type) Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * clambc info option updated for new hook type Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * added BC_PRECLASS hook support; replaces target type 13 Mon, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * pdf string UTF-16 conversion no longer solely depends on ICONV reason: no ICONV meant no conversion even though conversion function existed Fri, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11269 - bm matcher no longer sets scanning window offset reason: certain segments could be hashed multiple times Wed, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11269 - hash does not compute on segments smaller than the maxpatlen Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11267 - libclamav upx cover against hand crafted section ove patch supplied by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

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