Plans for accomodating special needs

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Plans for accomodating special needs

The format of the course is didactic, experiential, and interactive along with discussions, individual and team exercises.

The focus is on experiential learning and workshop approach.

Working either individually or in group, she tries to provide appropriate integration for these children in terms of social, educational, emotional and physical development.

Important part of her school work are also workshops “How to Learn”, designed for all 5th grade children, and participation in the project Child Abuse Prevention – for all children.

This course will help you to develop the necessary self-confidence for working with special needs and facilitate competencies for accommodating your teaching strategies to students with special needs.

By the end of the course you will be able to: Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programmes and activities so that all students learn and participate together.

The phenomena we will briefly look into are: hyper- and hypo- reactivity, autistic spectrum, body awareness, ability to focus, aggression, depression, defiance, psychosomatics, as well as traumatic experiences, early relational trauma, and transgenerational family role and pattern transmission.

Furthermore, she offers educational, language and integration support for immigrant children at school.

Jasna Solarović is a psychologist and a psychotherapist in private practice in Ljubljana, offering individual psychotherapy for adults, and child psychotherapy, incl. She is also running a psychodrama psychotherapy group for adults to work on relational issues, incl. She has worked in the NGO settings for 20 years, in projects run to the principles of therapeutic communities and milieu therapy in Slovenia, for children with emotional and behavioural problems.

To be able to help the special need students and their schoolmates in creating an inclusive school environment, tolerating and appreciating differences, each other’s personal space, and promoting positive behaviour, teachers (and parents) need sufficient self-care, supervision, and supportive peer and home environment.

Teachers’ professional and personal growth, the availability of support for it, and the motivation for it, might be the most important factor in dealing with these challenges in classrooms.

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Special needs is an umbrella term for a staggering array of diagnoses: physical (e.g.