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One thing to remember, however, is that a new preamp tube can also produce different types of mechanical or microphonic noises.

If your original symptom has been eliminated but the amp is now producing a metallic ringing or starts feeding back, move around the location of the preamp tubes to see if you can place the offending tube in a less sensitive location.

Leave the tube out of the socket and move on to the next socket.

When all the sockets have been cleaned, leave the tubes out and give the sockets ample time for the cleaner to evaporate—maybe fifteen to twenty minutes.

I want to get the clean sound and not have that underlying noise.Also here in Central Illinois, I don’t know of any good techs to take it to for repair.If you could give me an idea what it is that is wrong and where to start looking to get this fixed I would really appreciate your advice.In order to clean the sockets, obtain some electrical contact cleaner that does not contain lubricant.Remove the tube, spray a decent amount of cleaner into the socket and cycle the tube in and out of the socket six to ten times.

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Install the new tubes, fire up the amp and see if this has cured the symptom.

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