Orem dating ideas

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There are times that I would love to have surprise after surprise after surprise – which is what this whole date is about.

Choose this date and have surprises like car tasks, restaurant tasks, etc. I absolutely love playing ‘I Spy’ with my kids, so a fun night of silly fun with the hubby sounds great.

Built a blanket fort, add some twinkly lights and blankets. Seventy Seven Date Ideas for Valentines ~ While this post isn’t specifically for Valentines Day, it is a good resource if your having trouble deciding what to do for the day of love! Amazing Race – Valentine Addition ~ Some friends and I put together this crazy group date for our husbands for Valentine’s Day, one year, after they had sent us on a crazy video scavenger hunt the year before (so they could cook us dinner).The Olympic Park has lots to offer for a day out: watch Olympians train in the freestyle pool (or try it yourself! Both serve plenty of tasty food and offer some of the greatest comedians you’ll see in the state.Choose a half day, three-quarter day or even a multi-day canyoneering adventure, depending on how long you want to spend with your loved one.Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a ghost tour through one of Salt Lake City’s “haunted” buildings will definitely bring you closer (I don’t even believe in ghosts, but I’d but snuggled up to my partner while walking through a dark, deserted building! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night for the important person in your life.

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And, spend the night exchanging love letters, talking and falling in love all over again. The Bookstore Date ~ This Bookstore Date is perfect for any couple. Couple’s Minute to Win It Games ~ Who says Valentine’s day romance has to mean candle light and dinner for two. The Ten Dollar Gift Date Night Challenge ~ Need a fun way to get each other an inexpensive gift for Valentine’s Day? Plus with 76 other date night ideas your Valentines dates can continue on past the holiday! Date Night at the Drive In ~ Grab some blankets, snacks and your honey and head to the Drive In! Valentine Date Jar ~ This Valentine Date Jar is a fun gift your hearts desire. I’m going to just give you the details of our date.