Okcupid online dating horror stories

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Okcupid online dating horror stories

There one critical difference between both versions however. In the au version of the article, she not only implies that he tricked her friends into dates but that he also went out with not a poorly just a written hit-piece ginned up in the attempt to drive more page views Gawker’s way.

In the American Gizmodo article, Alyssa Bereznak refers to Jon as having “infiltrated” his way into dates with other girls she knows. Again: Alyssa Bereznak – in a fit of pique – decided to hack out an article trashing a man because she had a mediocre date, implying that he deserved this because a) he didn’t immediately inform her that he was a nerd and b) he deserved it because supposedly stalked her via her friends. Bereznak is so obsessed with Jon that she felt the need to try to drag his good name through the mud. Bereznak will – as she put it – “Google the shit out of her” and realize just what sort of person she is.

Now, I’m not entirely sure how one “infiltrates” a date unless he were to pull a full Solid Snake, tranq the original beau and take their place without her friend noticing. Bereznak attempts to imply that Jon go on a date with him unless deception were involved. Frankly I don’t expect much from Gawker Media but some basic pretense of journalistic integrity would be nice. there is a lot for nerds to learn from this debacle that masquerades as journalism… Alyssa Bereznak is a prime example of not only why geeks feel the need to hide their interests but also of the ridiculous remaining stigma and double standards of online dating.

Jon is an incredibly successful man; he works in high-finance, he’s good looking and is evidently charming enough to get regular dates. and if he weren’t to bring it up, you would never know.

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One guy, Jon, sent a polite, clever message with proper grammar and spelling and they went on a date.

If Bereznak were so horrified by her forays into online dating, it is literally a matter of minutes to wipe it out as though nothing happened.

But despite OKCupid being akin to “hanging out in an underlit, date-rape-y bar”, she continued to be a member.

And even though one would think that someone working for a blog oriented towards technology, gadgets and internet culture would have enough knowledge to figure out how to tweak the settings for a dating site, the better to filter out unwanted e-mails and chat requests…

especially considering that these tools are also prominently displayed in the Settings. Bereznak isn’t terribly good at her job, whether it be the tech aspect or the writing.

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Instead of launching into her “horror story”, there’s an attempt at a qualification about how “One person’s Magic The Gathering” is another person’s nail-biting – another undesirable trait, I notice.

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