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Happiness come from within, and If you live a life centered around proving your worth to others, you will never be internally happy.

Most guys meet girls through their social circles and they often will see each other again at other social events, so you do not have to be that assertive the first night because you are bound to see each other again.

For me it has become totally normal and it honestly is not really a big deal for me anymore to go home with a girl the first night.

I’m not going to go in great detail as to how it’s done, but I will discuss what I consider the 3 most important concepts.

Before videos, skydiving was not nearly as popular, it was something that was so out of people’s reality they wouldn’t even consider doing it.

Now a days you probably could not meet someone who hasn’t at least watched a video of someone skydiving.

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So few guys can actually could approach a girl in a bar/club, and then proceed to have sex with her that night.