My friend is dating the guy i like

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My friend is dating the guy i like

But then, well, after that friendship blossomed (and when both of us were out of relationships), there was a weird switch that happened in our brains. Here’s what happened during that very tough, very nerve-wracking transition from friendship into something more — and why it’s worth a shot: Initially, we kept it a secret from our friend group.

When you start seeing him as your long term partner instead of your buddy, incredible attraction grows.

Our wedding was more about celebrating with the people we loved instead of the actual wedding.

When you marry your best friend, you put less effort into the tiny details.

He knew that we shared the same values, so we avoided the scary, possibly-dealbreaking “talks” about the big stuff that usually happen later on in a relationship.

We already knew our futures aligned based on casual conversation. Personally, I never dreamed of my wedding day, nor had a set “timeline” I wanted to follow.

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The activity was the same, but the rules had changed.

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