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When it comes to being the focus of any male attention I feel like I should be looking behind me at the real source inspiring their words, I am overwhelmed and seriously under prepared.

Having shut myself off for far too many years to count from the potential pain of being betrayed or hurt in a relationship all this is surreal to me. “Your reply proved that how true my decision; I sent message to you. İf you havent planed your vocation you can take into consideration izmir also. and I can take you to showing around , be sure if you are with me anyone can’t it beter 😀 ( maybe litle bit embellishing) but ı am sure ı can make you happy.

This was the extent of it because I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was a year older than his mom!

Now, ten years later here I am being charmingly wooed by a man who was four years YOUNGER than Daniel was when he originally pressed his suit.

Robinson, the theme from The Graduate, every time Daniel left our company.

In contrast, in the last 24 hours, a man has so thoroughly astonished me with his transparency as to truly reaffirm my belief that all things are possible. A friend (also attempting to find love) points out ‘it’s not like you are ever going to meet’.

Well, perhaps not but still, a conversation never hurt anything, right?

Or, maybe something else is really at the root of this.

Concurrent with the decision to get serious about finding love, I discovered a British man (age 26) name Matthew Hussey.

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But I think that just maybe (as Matthew challenged mom’s to help establish a standard for how women should be treated by raising their sons ‘properly’) men in their twenties have learned the new paradigm of courtship.

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