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Registration is free and the website also offers an app for mobile.

This site is a popular go-to online dating site for both straight and homosexual singles.

Men has been established for over two decades which makes it a reliable and trusted site for LGBT online dating subscribers.

With over 80 million members, this site is recommended for those who are looking for gay exclusive online match making.

While other sites include mature members, the site focuses more on older audiences ranging from ages 55 and up.

Its interface is user-friendly for its mature user base to navigate the site with ease which is helpful for those unfamiliar with the internet.

For singles looking for new friends, a relationship, or even a hook up in the LGBT community, here’s a short list of the top 10 best LGBT dating sites you can check out online.

Even though the website is not exclusively for LGBT, OKCupid is still one of the most popular and active online dating sites today.

Compared to other dating sites, SPM has become a personal favorite for both straight and gay older singles.One thing the site needs to improve on is the fact that anyone with an internet connection can register and become a member without any kind of restrictions.This increases the risk of meeting people who may have different interests, and encountering fake profiles.This exclusive LGBT online dating site has over 975,000 lesbians, gay, bisexual, and transgender members.The site matches members through a strong personality matching system using more than 35 unique analytical questions upon registration.

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It may seem a bit unorthodox for most of the older generation, but with diversity increasing through the internet, LGBT members are starting to gain their freedom of speech and expression, compared to ten, twenty years ago.

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