Mentallly challenged dating dating single parents living apart

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Mentallly challenged dating

The causes are numerous: hereditary factors; genetic abnormalities (e.g.

Down's syndrome); poor prenatal care; infections during pregnancy; abnormal delivery; illness during infancy; toxic substances (e.g.

Many psychiatrists argue that the age before which signs of retardation must become manifest should be raised from eighteen to twenty-two, to reflect the difficulties in obtaining accurate age records for many people with this disability and the differing rates at which people develop.

An ordinary adult cannot suddenly "become" mentally retarded.

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Nevertheless, misunderstanding of the unique nature and implications of mental retardation remains widespread. If a person scores below 70 on a properly administered and scored I. test, he or she is in the bottom 2 percent of the American population Although all persons with mental retardation have significantly impaired mental development, their intellectual level can vary considerably. For the lay person or non-specialist, the significance of a low I. is often best communicated through the imprecise but nonetheless descriptive reference to "mental age." When a person is said to have a mental age of six, this means he or she received the same number of correct responses on a standardized I. He did not know the function of the stomach, where the sun sets, nor why stamps are needed on letters... standard is important because tests given at different times may show slight variations due to differences in the tests and because of testing error -- the standard error measurement on I. communication, self-care, home living, social skills, community use, self-direction, health and safety, functional academics, leisure, and work.You can get addicted to their sweet voice and adorable behavior by waldorf escort maryland means.Erotic Massage - If you wish dating for the mentaly challenged rejuvenate your body, with the massage by our sensual model escorts then your wish can come true instantly."I was good at this," he told an interviewer proudly.any condition which impairs development of the brain before, during, or after birth.

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· Billy Dwayne White, executed in Texas in 1992, had an I. Family members reported that "if one told Billy exactly what to do and took him to the place where it was to be done [he] could do some work.

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